Brief History of RMAExpress

0.1 beta 1 Apr 25, 2003First Public version
0.1 beta 2 Apr 30, 2003Fixes/Optimizations to the CDF input routines
0.1 beta 3 May 20, 2003A few warning messages added. A small memory leak eliminated
0.1 beta 4 Jun 04, 2003A check that memory was properly allocated in normalization routine
0.1 ReleaseJun 11, 2003No changes from 0.1 beta 4, only a bump in version number
0.2 alpha 1Jul 22, 2003A processed data format is introduced. This will speed up reloading data sets.
0.2 alpha 2Aug 14, 2003You can add additional CEL files after you have already loaded some in
0.2 alpha 3Sep 12, 2003A batch file convertor
0.2 alpha 4Sep 18, 2003Fixes some problems with cdf filepaths (in convertor) on Windows
0.2 alpha 5Oct 9, 2003Faster CEL file parser
0.2 alpha 6Oct 19, 2003Preliminary support for the new binary cel file format.
0.2 beta 1Oct 31, 2003Show menu. Low memory Overhead normalization step.
0.2 beta 2Nov 16, 2003Critical fix for binary cel file support (previous versions will give incorrect results)
0.2 ReleaseJan 11, 2004No changes from 0.2 beta 2. Only bump in version number
0.3 alpha 1Jan 27, 2004It is now possible to store and visualize RMA residuals.
0.3 alpha 2Feb 29, 2004The RMA residual images may now be saved.
0.3 alpha 3Jun 27, 2004RMAExpressConsole application introduced.
0.3 alpha 4Jul 7, 2004Support for chips with PM only probesets
0.3 alpha 5Oct 13, 2004Minor bug fixes, deals better with sense transcript arrays, output in either log2 scale (traditional) or natural scale
0.3 alpha 6Oct 19, 2004Minor bug fixes
0.3 beta 1Nov 9, 2004Fixes to deal with soybean chips
0.3 ReleaseDec 14, 2004No changes from 0.3 beta 1, Only a bump in version number
0.4 alpha 1Feb 19, 2005Preliminary support for binary (xda) format cdf files.
0.4 alpha 2Mar 25, 2005Fix a minor bug in background correction routine that on rare occasions causes slight difference in expression measures than those computed using R/BioConductor (usually difference is in 3rd decimal place). Some changes/additional progress bars.
0.4 alpha 3Apr 1, 2005Experimental support for dealing with extremely large datasets (200 or more arrays)
0.4 alpha 4Jun 5, 2005Max arrays in buffer now 150, Users Guide introduced
0.4 alpha 5Jul 11, 2005Added the ability to do a "signs" image. Fixed the incorrect color labeling (red is positive, blue is negative).
0.4 alpha 6Aug 23, 2005Fix console application so that filename for output is fully pathable. Bug fix for "Write process files" with PM only chips
0.4 alpha 7Aug 30, 2005Fixes for console application.
0.4 beta 1Oct 30, 2005Console application can now produce images. Fix signs images so unused areas show up as white.
0.4 ReleaseNov 10, 2005Preserve some user controllable options when application quits.
0.4.1 ReleaseJan 30, 2006Fixes for residual images dialog box for large chips.
0.5 alpha 1Mar 30, 2006Preliminary experimental support for exon arrays.
0.5 alpha 2Apr 4, 2006Improved support for exon arrays. An export function.
0.5 alpha 3May 1, 2006Console application can produce binary output.
0.5 alpha 4May 5, 2006Bug fixes for the console application
0.5 alpha 5Aug 3, 2006Fix problem on Windows versions. The program would crash when large numbers of binary format cel files were trying to be read in.
0.5 alpha 6Aug 31, 2006Fix problem with modal dialog not being closed and program locking up when mismatch in CDF filenames.
0.5 alpha 7Sep 17, 2006Fix source code so compiles properly on Unicode builds of wxWidgets. Rebuild windows binary using standard procedure (0.5.6 was built using an alternative method).
0.5 ReleaseFeb 26, 2007Minimal changes. Fixes some of the console output to the screen.
1.0 beta 1Mar 25, 2007First version including the PLM based NUSE and RLE statistics
1.0 beta 2Jun 17, 2007Improve plot placement when printed
1.0 beta 3Aug 24, 2007Additional QC plots. Source code is now being built against wxWidgets 2.8.x
1.0 beta 4Oct 28, 2007Support for reading AGCC format CEL files. Significant changes to CEL file parsing source code. Significant changes to source code to help improve portability
1.0 beta 5Jan 20, 2008PGF/CLF file format parsing in the data convertor
1.0 beta 6Feb 2, 2008Fix crash on reading non RME format cel files affecting XP, Windows 2000. Windows builds made using Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition
1.0 beta 7Feb 16, 2008Add support for PS files to data convertor. Improved console application log to screen. Small speed improvements in background correction and quantile normalization. Minimum arrays in buffer has been reduced to 1 (previously was 5).
1.0 beta 8Feb 29, 2008Fix BufferedMatrix indexing bug causing crash with extremely large datasets.
1.0 beta 9Mar 10, 2008Better corruption checking of CEL files
1.0 beta 10Mar 20, 2008Support for MPS files in data convertor
1.0.1 ReleaseMay 16, 2009Small fix for parsing binary format CDF files
1.0.2 ReleaseMay 19, 2009Fix for PGF/CLF to CDFRME conversion
1.0.3 ReleaseMay 21, 2009Fix for PGF/CLF/MPS to CDFRME conversion
1.0.4 ReleaseJul 20, 2009Fix for PGF/CLF/MPS to CDFRME conversion on Windows Builds
1.0.5 ReleaseMay 22, 2010Fixes for non-square WT gene arrays.